The *Progress Report | S1E6 -“Chillin With Wilson” | Ian Eastwood- @Ian_Eastwood

The humorous journey of a young man who is a semi well-known dancer/choreographer (largely from his work on YouTube) finding and understanding his purpose in life. In his profession he has traveled the world, yet is still unsure of where he belongs and how he stands in his new home : Los Angeles. Hailing from Chicago from two loving artist-parents who have raised him with Midwest sensibility, he has a hard time understanding where the rest of the world’s morals went. Along his mysterious path he has decided to document his trials and tribulations and see how he (and the rest of the world) progress through it all together. This is “the *Progress Report”-created by Ian Eastwood.

"Chillin With Wilson" Synopsis: Ian just can’t seem to find his way out of the comfort from his beloved sweatpants.


Still can’t believe he’s holding my drawing of him